Our Commitment

Improving lives through relevant, accurate, and actionable data.

KareOutcomes was founded with an aim to improve the lives of Patients, Administrators, Decision-makers and Physicians.

To do so, we deliver a complete solution melding patient support with advanced and intuitive technology. Our vision is to become the most trusted patient connectivity platform and clinical information resource in healthcare while standardizing a national benchmark database.

KareOutcomes is improving the clinic, hospital,and patient experiences across the country. Contact us today to learn more.

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Our Commitment to Patients

To empower individuals with the information they need to make the most informed decisions about providers and procedures, to help evaluate post-surgical healing and offer insight through comparative data and progress reports, and to ensure his or her voice is heard so that health care accountability is continually improved.

Our Commitment to Administrators

To deliver a clear and complete picture of the patient experience as well as physician and clinic performance; to help administrators use this information to augment insurance company and primary care physician referrals, to garner higher payment rates through pay-for-performance programs, and to improve patient return rates and professional standing.

Our Commitment to Physicians

To help physicians create their own personal clinical outcomes database so they’re better able to evaluate their own performance and areas for improvement. This data further helps physicians manage their patients’ expectations after medical procedures, engages patients in shared decision making, and makes it easier to identify and act upon red flags.

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