Transform through transparency. At last, medical outcome measurement that makes sense.

KareOutcomes is a health care technology and support firm that specializes in advancing transparency and trust among care providers and patients.

Founded by a team of practicing physicians and software executives, we intimately understand the clinical environment, the dynamic health care industry, and the need for ongoing outcomes assessment to ensure high-quality and cost-effective care delivery.

Since our inception in 2009, KareOutcomes has grown to support some of the most recognized facilities in the nation. Our team incorporates patient follow-up and relationship management personnel, administrators, engineers, technicians, software developers, and physicians. Together, we collaborate with client organizations to minimize their overhead and optimize Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO).

We manage the complete process, not simply the technology, to ensure uninterrupted clinical workflow. Our solution, backed by a six-month satisfaction guarantee, includes system design and implementation, raw data collection, data entry, and data presentation within an easy-to- understand, meaningful, and actionable format.

KareOutcomes is centrally located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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